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They said he couldn’t do it.

They said he couldn’t do it.

When the topic of someone climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft.) comes up, there is a natural sense of thinking that takes place.  One might think that this person is either an adult or a very experienced teen at the least enjoying some time off over Spring Break .  However, when you mention that the climber is only eight years old., there is an entirely different thought process that goes on.  Is it safe?  Are the parents crazy?  Is he fully capable of the climb?  You’ll even get the response of “Yeah right, no way.”

When it came to the day when Tyler announce that he would summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, many were skeptical of not only his skill level but, his reasoning for the climb.  All the while, his family, and closest of friends, knew in their hearts that this was something that Tyler could without a doubt do.  And do well at that.  In fact, many were eager to see what this young talented boy would do next once he reached the top of Mt. Whitney back in 2011.

Here is an inside look as to what goes through Tyler’s head as he answers the following questions:

Q: What did you think when people said that you couldn’t make it to the top of Kilimanjaro? A: “They are wrong and I can’t wait to make it to the top.”
Q: What do you tell people when they say that you are too young to climb? A: “I can do it because I don’t get altitude sickness like most people and I am physically fit.”
Q: why do you like to climb? A: “I like to see nature, hang out with my dad, and reach new heights.”
Q: How does it feel once you’re on top of a mountain? A: “I love to see the top and see what every mountain feels like.”
Q: What’s it like to break a climbing record? A: “Fun, because being the youngest in the whole world to do something new is cool.”
Q: What do you think when you hear people say that you shouldn’t be up so high? A: “I think their wrong and I should be up there because I have done lots of training.”
Q: I hear you’re planning on climbing Mt. Elbrus in Russia. What are your thoughts? A: “It is going to be cold and hard but I know I can do it.”
Q: Are there any other mountains that have recently caught your attention? A: “Mount Aconcagua in Argentina.” Q: What can you tell me about this one? A:“It’s going to be hard because I have to be on a mountain for 18 days and I will have to sleep on ice. I’m kinda wondering how many blisters I’ll get.”
Q: What are some of your favorite memories about Kilimanjaro? A: “Reaching the top, seeing the large boulders, and the huge glaciers. Oh, and making new friends along the way.”



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  1. That’s awesome Tyler! Never doubted you for a second!

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