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Reaching New Heights, One Mountain at a Time

Tyler Armstrong is an accomplished mountain climber who, from a very young age, understood that climbing for a cause is better than holding any record.


Travel History

By the time Tyler reached 13 years of age he had already climbed 5 of the world’s tallest mountains. Here is an overview of his accomplishments.  




Feet Climbed

Major Accomplishments

Here are the top seven expeditions and climbs that Tyler has conquered.

Mount Aconcagua

Mount Aconcagua

Mount Aconcagua is located in Argentina and is 22,841 feet tall. Tyler broke the World Record at nine years old for being the youngest person to summit this mountain on December 24, 2013.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, Africa. Tyler was the second youngest person to ever summit this iconic mountain on July 1, 2012. He was only eight years old.

Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney is located in California and is 14,505 tall. At the age of seven, Tyler broke the record of being the youngest person to summit in one day, July 26, 2011. 

Media Coverage

Having captured America’s attention for his incredible accomplishments, Tyler was often asked to do interviews, speaking events, documentaries, and more.

Upcoming Climbs

Tyler has been preparing for the following climbs; Mt. Everest and Mt. Vinson Massif.  He is expected to summit Everest in Spring of 2023.





My Videos

Spend a few minutes following Tyler through some of the World’s toughest terrain and most spectacular views.

Tyler’s Additional Climbs

1. Mt. Tocllaraju, Peru (19,790 ft)

2. Mt. Cayambe, Ecuador (18,996 ft)

3. Mt. Rainier (14,409 ft)

4. Mt. Shasta (14,179 ft)

5. Mt. Langley (14,026 ft)

6. Mt. Adams (12,280 ft)

7. Mt. San Gorgonio (11,503 ft)

8. Table Mountain (11,470 ft)

9. Mt. Hood (11,250 ft)

10. Mt. Anderson (10,840 ft)

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Travel Gallery

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